GenerExe IT

GenerExe IT ontwerpt en realiseert slimme software systemen, waarbij meerwaarde door maatwerk centraal staat.

  • GenerExe IT also designs and implements applications for the Android platform, including cel-phone devices and tablet-computers. We are specialized in internet-enabled/networked applications on both servers and embedded systems. In recent projects we have successfully connected/integrated such equipment with remote Android devices for control and test purposes. Below you can view an overview of recent Android projects we have completed.

    Inspect and Report: Inspection application for maintenance engineers. Quickly enter information about hazards, complaints, maintenance conditions etc on the go, optionally add pictures and a template based report is sent to one or more pre-configured email-addresses within minuites. No more handwritten request-forms, with unreadable handwriting, that arrive days later. Your sales teams can respond right away to potential leads: simple, fast, robust, low cost.

    QIR: Image relay App that connects professional photocameras via BlueTooth to any server on the internet.

    Mobile Timesheet: Timesheet application for maintenance engineers, which spend 99% of their time on the road, at a customers location or at construction sites. Easier to use than Excel sheets they used to fill in (at home or in the office) and less prone to mistakes and late submission. Submits machine-readable timesheets to the backoffice server in the regional headquarters of the company, replacing manual data-entry of every single task/hour copied from the Excel sheet.

    Mobile Gateway Framework: Secure mobile infrastructure in which existing web-portal services are unlocked for Android equipped devices in a secure way. Includes managed Android App, which is configured, monitored and controlled via central backoffice server. Keywords: secure SSL connections (server and client certificates; JSON/REST), GPS-tracking of users via google-maps (incl. blocking/tracking and anti-theft functions), support of location-based services and augmented camera-pictures.

    CLS: Remote control application for controling an industrial vehicle lifting system via Bluetooth.

    MotionTest: test-software to demonstrate the performance of a 2DOF motion-base (another project for which GenerExe IT developed the firmware, control algorithms and game-interface). When the Android device is tilted a certain direction, the motion-base will adopt the same orientation. Uses network (TCP/IP and UDP) and accelerometer sensors.

    PocketBrick: easy to learn brick puzzle game that starts out easy with a small playing board, but -as the board increases in size- soon becomes an addictive strategy game. This was a study-project for tablet-size screens. Can be downloaded from the Google market place.