GenerExe IT

GenerExe IT ontwerpt en realiseert slimme software systemen, waarbij meerwaarde door maatwerk centraal staat.

  • Programming languages:
    • Web/Internet: Java, PHP, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery (UI), React (native), Bootstrap, Skeleton, SOAP/XML, REST/JSON/Retrofit;
    • Object oriënted: C++, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Freepascal (Lazarus), SmallTalk, POP11, CLOS (LISP);
    • Functional: C, Labwindows/CVI, Dynamic C, GCC, Modula II, Pascal, Intel PLM, Basic;
    • Assembly: ARM (NXP), Microchip PIC16FXXX, 12FXXX, PIC32(MIPS), Intel x86, Motorola 68HC11, 68HCS12, Philips 8051, Rabbit/Z-World;
    • Other: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Linux shell-scripts, Arduino, Pinguino, Lazarus, Lua (performed integrations into other applications).
    • Custom languages: I have developed tailor-made textual/visual object-based programming languages/compilers for several Microchip/Atmel/Motorola microcontrollers.

    Operating systems/platforms:
    • Desktop/PC: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh/OS X, MS-DOS;
    • Real-time: pSOS (VME, Motorola), RMX (Intel Multibus), On Time RTOS-32;
    • Mobile: Android (Java, Kotlin, React Native), iOS (Objective-C, React Native), PalmOS, Windows CE.
    • Workstation/Server/Cloud: Linux, Unix, Solaris, OpenVMS, Windows Server, Plesk (VPS), Cloud-storage;
    • Custom operating systems: I have developed several light-weight realtime operating systems/executives for embedded projects and connected/distributed IoT-style architectures.

    • Databases: MySql, MSSql, Interbase, Oracle 8i, MS-Access, PL/SQL, Stored procedures, Lucene, Borland DataExpress, phpMyAdmin, Toad, DeZign for Databases V4 (Datanamic), ODBC, JDBC;
    • Data communication: XML, SOAP, JSON/REST, Retrofit, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP/(S)FTP/PPP, X25, ATM, RS232/485, Centronics, S-records, CAN(open), I2C, SPI, ARINC429/718, FITS, Wifi, Bluetooth;
    • Tools: Cadre TeamWork (Yourdon structured analysis), Rational Rose (UML and Booch Object Oriented Design), SES/Workbench simulation tool, iLogix Statemate, CVS, Subversion, YouTrack, Jira, Confluence, WordPress;
    • Electronics: Thorough knowledge of hardware design, digital electronic circuits/interfacing, small low-power IoT connected microcontroller boards (e.g. ESP8266 based), electronic measurement/testing/prototyping.